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Danielle Accola - Academy Cafeteria

As Lucia and Mark grabbed their food, Danielle was the last to get her own food, as well as food for the Pokemon. She grabbed a few Oran Berries, two for each of her Pokemon. Then She grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza, a garden salad, and a bottle of cream soda. Danielle wasn't quite sure what would Ozzy eat, so PokeBits shall be good. Danielle had much temptation to send out Mienfoo, but with his current mood would be best not to let him out. Though he could use the air. Sector isn't properly trained, either. Danielle needed to find time to release the two Pokemon for further training...after she eats.

Ozzy had no problems with Tyro and Able the Ninjask. It seems like he's gotten along very well. The three followed their trainers to the table Mark had chosen to sit at.

Danielle decides to sit across from Mark. As she smiled, she hands Ozzy the PokeBits. “Eat up, Ozzy! You had a great day today.” She then puts away the bag of Oran Berries in her bag.

“Pachi Pachiii!” Ozzy exclaimed as he grabbed the bag with his mouth. He heads back towards Tyro and Able.

As Danielle sat down, she felt a sense of relief in her legs...a wave of tiredness came through her. After eating it may be about time for her to return back to the dorms, as the night falls deeper at the Academy.

“'Course you can call me Dani, Mark.” Danielle replied to what Mark had asked. “I...guess you can give me some tips on battling. Honestly, the last battle we had was alright, but there was some work that need to be fixed.” She took a bite of her slice of Pizza, then turns to Lucia. “I think Lucia would also like to know your battling tips as well, right Lucia?”

Megan Sandoval - Beach

The sun finally sets. Megan and her four Pokemon sat together to witness a beautiful sunset right in front of them. Many of the trainers had already left the beach, so it was a couple others, plus Megan. The ocean breeze was much cooler now as the sun leaves on this fantastic day. Megan was already looking forward to tomorrow.

“So, guys...” Megan said to her Pokemon. “What would be my students like? I mean, I already met Danielle. But, there's more students than just Danielle. Oh.. I am just nervous.”

“Leavaa” Leah, her Leavanny replied, but she was more concentrated on the sunset, as night begins to fall.

Avan, her Shelmet, hopped around the group, seeing that he wants to play with the other Pokemon. Bree came up to Avan and tagged him. Then the two started to chase each other. Megan laughed at the two while they run.

“Alright you two. It's...time to go now. I'm hungry, what about you guys?” She stood up, picking up her blanket and her bag. Her green hair blew to the front.

The group cheered. Looks like Megan has more than herself to feed. Bree approached to Megan and trotted her around. “Espeeeee!”

“Alrighty! Alrighty! Let's... go find a restaurant. Remind me tomorrow after work that I need to go to the grocery store.” Megan said as she started to walk back from the beach. To the town streets she goes once again.
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