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Quote originally posted by IJuggler:
I like the sound of that.
Good I thought it sounded like a better plan.
Quote originally posted by IJuggler:
On that note, are you going to include a breeding center? Thinking about it, it sounds really difficult. But you could probably cannibalize GSC for most of it!
Eh, I don't think I'm gonna worry about something like that. At least for now, I'm gonna get the essentials done.
Quote originally posted by IJuggler:
But speaking of one-timers, I'd really like a way to re-obtain things like PP Ups, Nuggets, Max Elixers, etc. because from a collector's perspective, it gives you something to do after you've beaten all the dungeons and battles, when you can do something like go to the end of Cerulean Cave and get another Rare Candy :3
Haha, well actually I have associated prices with these items which you can usually only sell for zero PokeDollars. And things like PP Ups, Rare Candies, Eithers, Elixers (and probably more) can now be bought in the (Saffron!) Department Store. Of course, Nuggets haven't been added to stores, since their only purpose is to be sold for money but now that you suggest it, perhaps I will add more of them to be found in the wild

EDIT: With lots of help from IIMarckus, I now have a unique palette for every Pokemon that make the GSC sprites look much more natural! :D Here's the new and improved Bulbasaur family, Charmander family, and Squirtle family!

What do you think!?(: Soon, this palette enhancement will be finish for every Pokemon!

Thanks for everything, IIMarckus.

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
Pokemon Red Proud Eyes [Skeetendo Link] by break
Pokemon Grape [Skeetendo Link] by 80C
Pokémon Red: Battle Factory [Skeetendo Link] by ShantyTown
Pokemon Ruthless Red and Pokemon Brutal Blue by ScytherTM
Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234
Pokemon Tough Red by slim spazzy
Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
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