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Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
There are even more things in B2/W2 resembling Hoenn. Going through underwater to get to final gym, new Champion who used to be Gym Leader and left his/her mentor as Gym Leader, crisis and music change caused by actions of mascot Pokemon - Kyurem's ice did that in Opelucid, the same like Kyogre's/Groudon's powers in east Hoenn. Hidden Hollows in B2/W2 resemble Secret Bases in R/S/E.

Of course all those things can be said to be coincidences, but there are so many of them that it's hard to believe Game Freak made them all without thinking about remaking R/S/E.
While I'm all for hints towards RSE remakes, I think some of these are more coincidences.

One, it's not necessary to go underwater to get to the final gym, you have an option of taking the tunnel or going through the route. But this could be connected to the final town/gym type theory.

If you played Black, Iris wasn't a gym leader so the relevance of events can't really be used. Hence why I didn't state that as Iris was already hinted at becoming stronger in BW. Still I see your point.

Music changing can't really be a hint as in every game that has a major change happening the music changes. It goes with the mood.
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