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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Well I guess if Wario is really that popular then they won't remove him. He's certainly a pain for me to have to play through with though (and any Smash Bros fan knows the game isn't finished til you have played it with every character there is).
Well look at it this way. You're seeing Wario as just another character from Mario who mostly appears in spin offs. After all, he only appeared in two mainline Mario games, Mario Land 2 (which is quite, uh, not well received) and Mario 64 DS. (which is just an expansion anyway, he didn't really appear in the original.)
But in fact you should see him as the star of two, not one, unique game series. And because of that Wario is both popular in the West and Japan, because Wario Land is pretty loved in the West and Japan love those microgames in Warioware. (To the point that they released two expanded mini-games on the DSiWare for purchase.)
At any rate though, Wario Land is a unique and imaginative platformer that actually adds "treasure hunting" to it. It's not just just start a level and finish, but find the treasure you seek and get the hell out of there fast. Warioware, in my opinion, has its own crazy genre. Sure, it's still a minigame compilation, but it was very different and imaginative and the way they executed it was very well.

Wario is not just that guy from Mario who considers himself his rival, he has developed his own character separated from the Mario series, especially with Warioware. Sure, he's not like DK where you can actually tell he's not a Mario character with all his games, but he's not like Yoshi either in which, despite Yoshi's Island, he's still a Mario character.
Look at all the games that starred Wario:
-Wario Land
-Virtual Boy Wario Land
-Wario Land II
-Wario Land 3
-Wario Land 4
-Warioware Inc. Mega Microgame$!
-Wario World
-Warioware: Twisted!
-Warioware: Touched!
-Wario: Master of Disguise
-Warioware: Smooth Moves
-Wario Land: Shake It!
-Warioware: Snapped (DSiWare)
-Warioware: DIY
Also the upcoming game, Game & Wario. You can still consider it a Warioware game since it's set on Diamond City with all the Warioware cast, but instead it's about full-fledged long mini-games based on Game & Watch.
None of them actually involves Mario except the first game, but even then it's justtt slightly. It actually puzzles me as to why we haven't gotten another rep for the series, instead of just Wario.
I'd imagine these characters if we're getting one.
Wario Land: Captain Syrup. She's the most iconic, even if she hasn't appeared in Wario Land 3 and 4. Sadly I don't know much since I only played Wario Land 4. :(


Warioware: Jimmy T. or Mona. A disco dancer and a highschool with a lot of part-time jobs? Why them? Well they're the most iconic and well-known, always the first two to unlock in Warioware. How would they work? Well they can actually go creative with them. They can make a polished, crazy dancing fighter with Jimmy if they wanted to, or they can make a high school girl fight referencing to all her part-time jobs (cashier in an ice-cream shop, pizza delivery, guitarist, cheerleader, treasure hunter, etc) and have her animal buddies fight with her? I dunno.
But if you're looking for moveset potential, Kat & Ana (they're already in Brawl as assist trophies) or 9-Volt (skateboard shenanigans) are probably the best choices.

Oops, derailed the topic. Moving on.

is a bit of a stretch :P. Though at the same time, the characters I find awkward or boring to play, to the point where I'm like "oh god this is such a crap character why is it even in this game" are always the ones that people end up saying are the best in the game. King Dedede is a great example of this. As are a few of the characters on Tekken lol.
Well if it helps, Pikachu is considered better than those two lol.
Also DeDeDe a crap character? WHAAAAAT
Nope not gonna do it again nope nope

Please tell me Daisy isn't a real consideration. I like Peach as a player, but Daisy would just be a carbon copy of her. I'd must rather they just keep the recolour where they can make Peach look like Daisy if you really have a Daisy fetish and want to play her.
I doubt she'll ever get in, but no way she's gonna be a clone of Peach. Huge moveset potential considering she's mostly a sports game character, like Waluigi. >_>

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