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Originally Posted by glaceon12 View Post
I saw the Invasion thing and I must say its a really good concept! When I saw you were going to alter the storyline I thought it would be a waste of time, but as I've said its a good concept. You don't really explain Invasion's details well, like clans will we be able to have many clans or something. I just think that a detail like that should be explained.
Well, I haven't really started doing anything yet. xD xD
The Invasion Concept is nothing but concept as of now.
I think I'm going to make it a prequel to Live Tour.
*As for the clans I'm planning on making them like the clans of medieval Japan, but in Invasion, instead of thrashing each other, they'll be helping one another to try and eradicate a larger threat.

Here are two things I'm currently considering doing:
- I'll finish Live Tour first, then work on with Invasion.
- I'll work on both hacks at the same time.
The latter one seems like a no-no, since I'm the only one working on these two projects.

I'll be out for a while due to school projects, and overhauling Live Tour(*storyline, scripts, etc.).
I'll try to bring updates with me when I get back.

Thanks to those who look forward to these hacks of mine.
I lilly(*really) appreciate it.

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