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Rosalyn Smith
Oak Town

Rosalyn nodded her cheeks getting redder and she knew Jimmy could see it which made her get more embarrassed. After Jimmy paid for his sunglasses and they left the Pokémart. Glad they were outside Rosalyn looked around to avoid looking at Jimmy. She was nervous that he would ask her what was wrong and if he did that she didn't know what she would say to him. But she was sure it would end up being awkward. She pulled out Belle's Pokeball and called out the Togekiss. Right away Belle flew in a circle around Jimmy with a small sad cry as if to say she was sorry.

"It's alright Belle, it wasn't your fault" Rosalyn said before glancing at Jimmy again feeling her face heat up more. "R-Right Jimmy?"

Genevieve Molyneux
Oak Town

Genevieve smiled and giggled as she heard Maxwell's stomach growl. She knew he was hungry and to think about it. She was too, but not enough for her stomach to growl to loudly. "Sure Ice Cream sounds great" she smiled watching as Maxwell sent Quillie to go find Wilson. Looking around Genevieve spotted a small ice cream parlor and she led him over that direction.

"We can get our Pokemon something to and then go find Brian" she smiled more and kissed his cheek. "it is starting to get late out, so lets make sure we try to find Brian before we head back to our dorms" she suggested glancing up at the sky as they got to the building.

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