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A few seconds after the teleport, Hanso took a step back as his head spun a little. Need to eat something, he thought, taking his pack off as he sat down. After digging out some food that was left from the journey, Hanso began eating as the others began talking.

"So, what now?" Lyn asked.

"Well, we should get some sleep..." Zane began, to which Lyn groaned. "We have a big day tomorrow, Guardia." Zane continued. "We need to rest. We need our energy for everything to go right."

"Yea, but...I'm hungry! And I'm tired of eating the same nuts and berries we've had in our packs. Don't you guys want a better meal beforehand?"
Hanso looked down at the berry in his hand. She kinda has a point...
Not waiting for an answer, Lyn began to take off, impulsive as ever. "Well I'm going." She said. Before Zane could stop her, Sword and Shield put a hand up and spoke up.

"Don't worry Vigil, I'll watch her. I might as well replenish our supplies while I'm at it anyways." He said, smiling.

Zane looked around. "So...where exactly do we sleep anyways?" He wondered out loud.

"Pick a spot, any spot." A voice came from behind him, coming from the Abra who teleported them here. "Nobody owns any of the treehouses. Nobody does. Just sleep in whichever one's are empty." He said, shrugging. "It's much simpler this way, don'tcha thing? Without all those rules and property and such. Just pick a place, and crash."

Hanso lost interest in the conversation after that; he finished his snack and stood as he heard Zane's last words. Now that he knew where they would meet, he could go where he needed to.
Hanso walked away, following the direction that Lyn and Gladius had taken. Seeing that she had just rushed off, he felt she would know where to find food. Nuts and berries became a dull meal after a while, for one thing. Hanso ignored, as much as he could, the activity around him as he walked. Once or twice, he had to take a detour around a larger group of thieves.

After finding and eating a meal, which was a bit difficult for him, Hanso found an empty treehouse near the Decreement. He put his bracer away in the bottom of his pack, alongside his emblem, and settled down to sleep, using the pack as a pillow.
That was when he thought of something. What if Roswell's brother was extracted alive, but harmed? Would it hurt to have a healer on standby? Or would medical attention at the forest's edge be too close to the action? And, where would Roswell's brother and the other thieves be teleported to? Back to this village, if they have any sense. So, no healer near the action, then. Except for him, anyways. Hanso could remember what he'd learned, if it worked, through Demas' machine.
He fell asleep while thinking on the subject...