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Are you interested in non-Pokémon roleplay? Do you only join Pokémon roleplays?
I enjoy both Pokemon and non-Pokemon RPs. I mostly join Pokemon RPs, but that's because most of the plots for the non-Pokemon ones don't catch my interest, or I don't know very much about the series or game that it takes place in.

What is your favourite non-Pokémon roleplay?
I haven't joined many non-Pokemon RPs on PC, but there is a Zelda RP I joined on another forum called Skyloft Historia: A Crimson Destiny that I've enjoyed quite a bit.

Would you like to see more original, non-Pokémon roleplays on PC? Or are you interested in roleplays based off other programs/games (IE Elite Killer's Elder Scrolls RP)?

I'd definitely like to see more non-Pokemon RPs. Though Pokemon RPs tend to have good plots, it's nice to take a break from RPing ONLY in the Pokemon World.

Roleplays I am in:
Sekirei: Wings of Fate (OOC/IC) as Fia and Akira Takako
Pokemon Odyssey: Search For Cresselia (OOC/IC) as Kaveri "Jetstream" Vian
One Piece: The Golden Age (OOC/IC) as Anahita Z. Firenze

Roleplays I GM:
Fargona: The Land of Dragons (OOC/IC) - Participating as Thia Rondamar