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My current team on japanese black 2:
Serperior lv.66
-coil -leaf blade
-leech seed -giga drain
Arcanine lv.68
-outrage -crunch
-flame wheel -flamethrower
Keldeo lv.68
-surf -icy wind
-scared sword -secret sword
Lucario lv.69
-close combat -dragon pulse
-metal claw -aura sphere
(Haruhi)Emolga lv.74 (traded/egg moves)
-T-bolt -hp fighting
-air slash -volt switch
Krookodile lv.67
-EQ -crunch
-rockslide -outrage
sub ins:
espeon lv.60
-bite -covet
-shadow ball -psychic

My soon to be US white 2 team:
3DS XL FC: 4441 9441 0140 (Friend safari: Electric type)
3DS FC: 3007 8602 5963 (Friend safari: Fire type)
Wii U NNID is Ginji_70 (add me if you want to race on MK8)