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Quote originally posted by miksy91:
Probably... if he was extremely skilled that is. Most of the daycare code is script and so in RBY, he would have to do most of the work from scratch. It's not really worth spending your time with; more astounding things than this could be done with experience and similar amount of hard work.
Right. I feel the same way.
Quote originally posted by miksy91:
I've to say that I really LIKE it!
Looks way better than with the old palettes.
Thank you! that means alot. And I'm quite proud of this.(:
Quote originally posted by miksy91:
Makes me really want to read what he actually wrote there to make this possible.
I'm sure it's not as complex as you think it is i just had to find the pointer to the palette data that starts at 0x72660 and repoint it where there is plenty of room, and IIMarckus clerified alot with the structure of all this data and he gave me the location of a table that associates each Pokemon with one of 10 original palettes to choose from. But once you repoint the palette data, you can extend the palette data with all the new palettes that you need and then associate each Pokemon with new palette id's that weren't originally useable. (and by unuseable I mean that those id's would load unrelated data that is not intended to be used as a palette)
Quote originally posted by miksy91:
If I didn't know better, I'd say those sprites are in "color".
Haha, right. It really makes me wonder the differences between a GB and a GBC game. I know there are differences in the capabilites in the systems, and that original GameBoys were not capable of all the same colors, but the roms themselves don't appear to be all that different...

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