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"When the sky and the depths of the ocean fight, it will be a magnificent battle to behold!"

Author: Final Destination
Engine used: RPG Maker 2003 using the PokéEngine GBA kit

"What's this about PokéEngine GBA?"
First off, mods, I assure you that this is not a hack! It is just a simple codename for the engine I'm building for this game. PokéEngine GBA is a "starter kit" you could say that I built for myself. It aims to replicate the Pokémon GBA games engine within the bounds of RPG Maker 2003. The features it has is outside this spoiler, so read on! I plan on releasing it whenever I feel like it.

Q: When are you releasing it?
A: Maybe after the game is finished.

Many will probably say that RPG Maker 2003 is obsolete and that we should move on. It's actually a very powerful program when used right, besides, what I use and how obsolete it is shouldn't matter because people still use it. I'll discuss releasing it when the time comes...

The region of Altro is a big region that's home to two legendary birds: Ho-Oh and Lugia. However, two teams seek them for their own personal gain: Team Aero and Team Sacred, who seemingly appeared when Ho-Oh and Lugia appeared. Their goal? To cause destruction, for fun. They also have another thing in mind though: Recently in Altro, an ancient tablet was dug up on the east side of the region. When translated it, it said this:

"When the sky and the depths of the ocean fight, it will be a magnificent battle to behold!"

It was found out to be linked to Ho-Oh and Lugia, which explains why both teams want to both cause destruction and find Ho-Oh and Lugia. They haven't been removed from the region yet because all of their activities is done in secret, and no one knows where their bases are. However, it seems like every time Team Aero and Team Sacred meet, they get into a mini-fight over who's going to meet, and their leaders are never around. Soon, their fights seem to be planned, and don't seem as real. What's going on with them? What kind of battle will the legendary Pokémon fight in if Team Aero and Team Sacred force them to fight?

You are a kid from Oceanview Town, in West Altro, who has been exposed to Pokemon all their life. Your best friend has been your friend for as long as you can remember, so it's only expected that your friend would know a lot about Pokémon too. Professor Samuel Oak from the Kanto region is coming to West Altro, which is where you live. When he's ambushed by a Team Aero Grunt, you must use one of his Pokémon to save him.

And that's when it all starts!

Features (implemented):
~CBS (Custom Battle System, 6% done)
~CMS (Custom Menu System, 5% done (only main layout is done, and even then I must make the Pokémon and basic menu layouts)
~CNS (Custom Naming System, 5% done)
~CMS (100% done, uses custom textboxes)
~Pokemon Generating System (35% done, must do it for the other 5 slots)
~Walking/Running System (Name says it all, 100% done)

For those who care: This game doesn't use Actors for Pokemon! Just variables! When you encounter a wild Pokemon or when you receive one, a script runs. This fills certain variables with values that are used in the CMS and CBS coding. For a wild Pokemon, they're used for battling and if you catch it, then it becomes one of yours where it can be used in CMS and CBS coding

Features (confirmed):
~CSS (Custom Shop System, 0% done)


CMS Layout

You obtained a Bulbasaur! (No it doesn't use that textbox in game, I'm in a debug room xD)

Oceanview Town, the town where the seas carry tales of adventure! ;D

Proof of Concept...O_O

Notice the bare HUD.

Even more bare...

Got away safely--oh...


If you're a Boy the Girl is Jill;
If you're a
Girl the Boy is Frankie;

[to be revealed]


Professsor Samuel Oak
Professor ???


[insert Team Aero design here]

[insert Team Sacred design here]


Left side of the map is West Altro
Right side is East Altro
1 - 11 cities is West Altro cities, 12 - 18 cities are East Altro cities

What I need from YOU:
This is a big project, and with the advanced style project I'd like to use Kanto, Johto and Hoenn's Pokemon, and I'd like to be able to have double battles and all that other fancy stuff.


That is a lot of data for me to be coding and inputting.
I'd have to input all 386 Pokemon's base stats, movesets. Not only that, I need to add abilities too. I also need custom sprites! So...

Positions needed:
~Data Inputter x1: Variables for base stats need to be filled. Lots of conditional branches that have to be done for the CBS and other stuff has to be put in. etc. etc. That's where you come in. PM me for more details!
~Additional Coder: I have mostly everything down, but I'm not sure how I'd go along with the evolution system, and the experience system. That and it's good to have some support on your side!
~Spriter(s): I'm no spriter, and the Frankie and Jill sprites weren't made by me, but posted onto a forum for everyone to use. As such they didn't have the Running, Surfing, Bicycling or Pokeball use sprites. If you can make these sprites in Gen 3 style, that'd be appreciated. I also need Gym Leader sprites (more on this later, it's getting late...)

More positions will be posted as needed.

Funnybunny: For inspiring to make this game and for his tilesets
RM2k3Kid: Charsets and more tilesets
Arnou (from another forum)
NikNaks: For making the region map
Thank you for looking at my thread!

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