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Roxas Jaden Asakura - Outside the Pokemon Center

Roxas sighed a little, not because he was irritated, he was about to give her some more advice. 'Using the same attack can be handy sometimes, but not in this situation, are there other attacks Jello can do?' Roxas asked Alice with a nice smile.

Obilivio glanced at Jello. 'I'm sorry.' He said coldly but didn't ment it mean. Roxas glanced at his Lucario as he spoke pokemon language so Roxas couldnt understand him at all, but he decided to ignore it. 'Here, you can heal Jello with this.' Roxas trew a potion over to Alice.

'Hello chuck.' Jaden said with a grin as he waved with his little Pikachu paw. 'It's nice to meet you, chuck.' Luna bowed a little.
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