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The boy chuckled to himself. This one had something to prove. There would be no fun to have here, just a serious go all the way. He could feel her thoughts churning like poffin mix. His stutter threw people off still it seemed. But did he look nervous? Did his eyes look unsettled? Nope. Win or lose, he was going to fight. Rama plopped on his butt and Skye pulled out a regular Pokeball. Well, Volca likely still had energy to burn... oh who was he kidding, the Larvesta had anything to burn.

"Two o-ohn two." He didn't care about subtlety or secrecy or the like this late in the night. If he was going to go at it with this chick, as Cameron would say, why not put on a show? He placed the Pokeball close to his mouth and whispered coolly. "Lih-histen." With that one word, he opened the Pokeball and let Volca burst out in a rush of fire. He had seen her expression when she had caught a glimpse of Rama. The idiot had preened of course but that was his job.

Skye smiled at his opponent and gestured politely. "Fih-hirst muh-move is yuh-yours."
"What Tama wishes for is..."

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