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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
I have little interest in the comparison-betwee-Pokemon polls; if I want that I'd really just go to Pokepolls as nothing about the 5th gen ones makes them any more special or whatnot to others in terms of discussion. I'd be far more interested in actually discussing the game and its aspects, not 'Throh or Sawk?', etc.
Yeah, I understand that there. The issue however is that removing them won't really add much more to the activity, and the users do seem to like them as a "unique" thing to B/W. However, if they were removed, there's only three weeks left of polls, and while we're considering a round two of match-ups between those who won, if many of you guys thought that way, we might end up actually removing them. Definitely I'd go for the discussion over the polls, but as it is, with nobody really willing to post in the discussion threads they don't get very far and I don't think the polls sway anything away from discussion.
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