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Originally Posted by Psiiionic View Post
Does anyone it possible to RNG in HG and other 4th Gens with just RNG reporter or do you need Pikatimer and all those programs that I have seen in a few vids cause in 5th Gen I only need RNG reporter. In those videos i was really confused since they were using a really old version of the RNG reporter and the time finder was way different to version 9.95. Can you give me a good link where I can learn how to RNG legends(in addition to the calibration) thanks. I heard some guy named Everstone had a guide but I have never seen it though.
Use EonTimer c: And as for a guide, I suggest joining the Trade Corner IRC channel (they have a link in the Trade Corner section) and they'll link you/help you get to grips with it :3 I know TwilightBlade and Everstone have both written guides and there are members such as Gonz0 who teach 4th gen RNG, so I think going there is your best bet. :3

Originally Posted by Professor_Jiro View Post
I recently got Pokemon platinum for my Ds, and ever since my friend traded me a caterpie I can;t get into my PC box without it turning into a black screen.

I can deposite, but the withdraw or move options give me a black screen. Is there a way to fix this???
This sounds like your game has glitched :( Try cleaning the cartridge and if that doesn't work, try restarting the game. If neither of these things work then unfortunately you'll most likely have to get a new copy of the game. :c