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Quote originally posted by Psiiionic:
Does anyone it possible to RNG in HG and other 4th Gens with just RNG reporter or do you need Pikatimer and all those programs that I have seen in a few vids cause in 5th Gen I only need RNG reporter. In those videos i was really confused since they were using a really old version of the RNG reporter and the time finder was way different to version 9.95. Can you give me a good link where I can learn how to RNG legends(in addition to the calibration) thanks. I heard some guy named Everstone had a guide but I have never seen it though.
Use EonTimer c: And as for a guide, I suggest joining the Trade Corner IRC channel (they have a link in the Trade Corner section) and they'll link you/help you get to grips with it :3 I know TwilightBlade and Everstone have both written guides and there are members such as Gonz0 who teach 4th gen RNG, so I think going there is your best bet. :3

Quote originally posted by Professor_Jiro:
I recently got Pokemon platinum for my Ds, and ever since my friend traded me a caterpie I can;t get into my PC box without it turning into a black screen.

I can deposite, but the withdraw or move options give me a black screen. Is there a way to fix this???

This sounds like your game has glitched :( Try cleaning the cartridge and if that doesn't work, try restarting the game. If neither of these things work then unfortunately you'll most likely have to get a new copy of the game. :c