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Here's something to think about that I read on the Bulbagarden forums.

Recently, a promo for next year's movie confirmed that Genesect will be in it. With Genesect being the only Pokemon left to reveal, why have they shown it almost a year in advance? Many have suggested this means that a Gen VI Pokemon will be in the movie as well, as the big star of the movies is usually revealed in February. This would allow the movie to wrap up Gen V and welcome in Gen VI kind of like the Lucario and Zoroark movies did, which would mean no remakes this time. I feel this makes sense, as there isn't a reason for Genesect to be revealed so soon unless they are planning on moving to Gen VI next year.

Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
Remakes in this year aren't totally impossible. B2/W2 were announced 4 months before release. Interesting thing is that we started getting solid information only about 2 months before release. R/S remakes might be announced in August and start being promoted in September and October.
I doubt it. They packed a ton of features into B2/W2, which should keep players busy for a while, or at least content. All the Legendary Pokemon, the World Tournament, it just seems like these games are serving as the grand finale of the DS games. Plus, we never know what spinoff games will come soon, which I still kind of expect a 3D battling game for the Wii or WiiU, but who knows...

Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
w, assuming World Tournament in B2/W2 is canon (because Koga is not present), and because Wallace is in Champions group, I think R/S remakes might even be in gen 5 timeline because in HG/SS Steven says he's the Champion and that he must go back to League, so he wasn't replaced by Wallace in gen 4 yet.
You can't really argue timeline because Gen V is split up between 2 years. Also, Giovanni is no longer a gym leader, so his appearance in the tournament is strictly as a former gym leader, as Blue fills that role now, yet is in the Champions Tournament. Wallace was included because he has officially served as champion before, same as Alder. If anything, it appears this Champions Tournament is for former Champions. So it would be difficult to say this is canon unless these leaders and champions don't have to have that title to participate. (Take Blue and Red, they can't both be champion because Red beat Blue for the title.)
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