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I saw the Spider Man yesterday. Since I never finished any of the other Spider Man movies I can't really compare it to them, but I thought this one was okay. Not great. Okay.

The writing seemed to be good for a while, then dip into sappy cliches, then back to good, then down again throughout the movie.

I wish they had done more with Gwen though. She only had that one scene to herself around the climax where she... stood around while the scifi laboratory made a magical cure? I'm not sure if they wanted us to believe she was some kind of science genius or just merely competent. She was always otherwise fawning over Peter or worried about him and that got disappointing after a while.

I did like the villain being sympathetic, especially at the end when he's shown to still be a good guy under all that CG. I half expected to see Samuel L. Jackson to pop up after the credits though. Sad he didn't.