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I will kick that Pokemon from the Team... V.2

I was pretty sad that this game died out since this was one of my favourite games, so let's try again. :D I'll quote LatiasSoulDew's post for what to do as they created the original thread very clearly.

Originally Posted by LatiasSoulDew View Post
This game is simple.

The background story:
Because we didn't have much money, we bought the pokemon game together, and we play it together. but in one game we only can have 6 pokemon in our team, so we fight each other for the position of our pokemon in team, and we kick other people's pokemon out of team.

Additional rule for this game:
-You only can kick 1 of 6 pokemon in team.
-List our team after you kick other people's pokemon, it's for making next person easier to know recent condition.
-This is just game, don't be angry if your pokemon get kicked.

This is the original team list:

Here we go:
I kick one Magikarp out of team and replace it with Charizard.

Recent result:

So yeah, basically we start off with a team of six Pokémon and change one Pokémon each time 'till we get the perfect team! c: And to make it more interesting, give reasons for why you replaced the Pokémon you did. ^^ We'll start off with this team:

- Lucario
- Sandshrew
- Grimer
- Foongus
- Omanyte
- Zapdos

Have fun :D (Also if you kick Sandshrew I will cry)
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