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Well here's my SU. I want the okay first before I send my history. If you don't like it, I can completely revamp the SU. I have a couple of other possible characters in mind, but this character seemed to want to come out of my brain the most.


Ed St. Cloud :::: The Butler
18 | ♂ | Occupation
Scorpio (Because I find him sexy. XD) -/- Yarn Make Magic

Ed doesn’t own any casual clothes as most of the time he is tending to the needs of the family he is owned by. He wears a white dress shirt under a black tail coat. Like most butlers of rich households he wears a bowtie around his neck. He has black dress pants and nice black tacky shoes that clip and clap along tile floors. The chain of a stopwatch shows itself from the pants pocket and like most stereotypical butlers he has a handkerchief in his breast pocket and wears white gloves. He looks older than eighteen because there is a small bifocal on the bridge of his nose.

He has cropped blond hair and greys eyes. His face is a bit hollowed and his nose is a bit fat. His ears are slightly pointed at the top end and people often remark that his ears make him look elf like. Ed is about five foot two, a bit on the short side. Most butlers tower over their master in height, but unlike them, Ed is much shorter compared to his master. His arms are quite long, but he has great dexterity with his fingers.

  • He tends to appear out of nowhere and can disappear in a flash. He takes great enjoyment seeing the shocked and scared look on people’s faces when he just appears out of nowhere. When people tell him to stop doing that he smiles and says: “Of course I will,” but really he lies.

Ed cares much for the family that took him in and raised him to be a butler and eventually a bodyguard. He credits them for saving him from being used as a horribly treated slave and being auctioned off. Because of this, Ed is very loyal to them and will go as far as kill himself it it meant that they would be safe.

He is a worrywart when it comes to those he cares about. Ed is so much of a worrywart he tends to hyperventilate just worrying over them. Many of the butlers find it hilarious that he is so worried because Ed is the youngest out of them and that the situation should be reversed.

The butlers and maids tease Ed constantly. It’s mostly because he is so teasable. He acts young for his age as he asks a lot of questions. His eyes seem to sparkle for some odd reason. The butlers and maids enjoy teasing him because apparently he makes weird faces when they do. Besides his child like and talkative attitude with the other butlers, maids, and the heir to the Jameson fortune, when he is on the job he usually is more professional and has a light smile plastered on his face.

Ed doesn’t understand the appeal for big busted women and their curves. While others would blush, make wolf whistles, and have blood streaming down their nostrils, Ed finds them completely uninteresting. But then again, a gay man would never understand the appeals of a woman like a straight man could. He will stutter and blush while talking to someone he finds really attractive and can become a little clumsy as well. Unfortunately, these men know that Ed is attracted to them when they talk because of all the blushing, stuttering, and rare bouts of clumsiness.

If there is one thing Ed hates in the world, it would be people who abandon or sell their children. This hate formed from the hatred of his parents who had sold him to the black market just to get out of poverty. If he ever sees them again, Ed would mostly maim them, to the point where they might actually die
If it wasn’t obvious enough, then let me say it. Ed can hold grudges. He will remember every single name and face to those who have royally angered him. This started with his parents and the list just grew and grew (especially being a bodyguard.). He won’t forget why he holds a grudge on someone and can give a very detailed account on it. Most butlers and maids find this utterly scary and try their best not to anger to the point where he may hate them. The Jameson family, however; finds this very useful for a bodyguard to have.

  • Knitting | Swords
  • Jameson family | Enemies of the Jameson family
  • Men (Sexually and Romantically)| Women (Sexually and Romantically)
  • food | fish
  • friends | bullies
  • parents who take care of their children | parents who abuse, neglect, or sell their children
  • Allies of the Jameson family | threats to the Jameson's family safety

Yarn make magic is another type of molding magic that utilizes the use of yarn to create things of the user’s desire. Ed utilizes this magic through the use of two knitting needles and yarn created by his magic. Ed is able to create anything he wants and the only limit at the moment is his imagination. However, with every type of magic there comes a couple of weakness. One would be fire mages. The yarn creations he makes are ridiculously weak to fire and are flammable. Just set fire to his creations and your victory is pretty much won. Another weakness is Ed’s inability to use his yarn make magic without his needles.

1. Yarn Make: Yarn Dragon – A long, animated, snake like dragon made from yarn. It doesn’t breathe fire or anything as it will most likely ram or bite its enemies. Ed can make it as long as it wants and can even extend it once it is already made as well. This is Ed’s primary long ranged offensive attack. If Ed loses his needles while using this move, the dragon will go completely out of control and will destroy almost anything it can reach. The only way to stop the yarn creature’s rampage is to somehow get Ed to get a hold of his needles.
2. Yarn Make: Yarn Spear – A spear made from Ed’s yarn make. This is Ed’s primary weapon when fighting close range and is highly proficient at it as well. Like all of his yarn creations it’ll be useless once it touches fire, however, it won’t lose its shape if Ed loses his needles as it is not dependent on the needle to keep its form. However, if Ed loses his needles, he won’t be able to make another yarn spear.
3. Yarn Make: Yarn Shield – A giant knight shield made from yarn. This shield can defend against most type of magic and offensive attacks. However, once it’s torched the shield will fall apart. The shield isn’t dependent on the needles to keep its form, so if Ed loses his needles and yarn he will still have his shield, however, once the shield is gone, he can’t make another without his needles.

->to be updated at the end of each arc; leave blank for now

Credits: Tumblr, God of High School
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