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Lana's story continues.

My team, after gaining the eighth badge:

Monkie, the InfernapeLv.51

Nature: Naughty. Impetuous and silly.
Ability: Blaze
Item: Lum Berry
Move Set: Flare Blitz, Brick Break, Dig, Taunt

Storyline: As a Monferno, Monkie wouldn't take anything seriously. He was always goofing off and playing pranks on everyone. He greatly annoyed Rosie and Foxie, who could never take him seriously.

However, Monkie realized that life was not all fun and games. At the top of Mt. Coronet, Monkie saw that there were people who were trying to destroy everything he took for granted. He could see innocent Pokemon being abused for selfish reasons. Monkie knew that he couldn't go on living the way he was if he wanted to put an end to all of this madness. After this revelation, Monkie learned his strongest move, Flare Blitz, and evolved into a strong and mighty Infernape. He was able to talk some sense into the enraged Palkia, and was able to restore order.

Now, using his both his wisdom and power, Monkie has become a great leader, earning the respect of his Teammates. He was finally able to bring Lana her eighth and final badge, the Beacon badge.

Rosie, the RoseradeLv.50


Nature: Timid. Likes to thrash about.
Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Persim Berry
Move Set: Petal Dance, Toxic Spikes, Worry Seed, Shadow Ball
Beauty Ribbon, Normal Rank winner.

Storyline: All of her dreams were coming true. Rosie finally was able to evolve into a beautiful Roserade. Although the majority of her time has been spent destroying her opponents in battles, Rosie will one day move on into the Pokemon Contest world, where she will try her best to be the smartest and most beautiful Roserade in the Sinnoh region. Perhaps, she occasionally hoped, the smartest and most beautiful Pokemon in Sinnoh.

Foxie, the FloatzelLv.50

Nature: Serious. Proud of its power.
Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Amulet Coin
Move Set: Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Crunch

Story Line: Every day, Foxie pushes herself to work harder than the day before. She struggles and squirms to be the strongest in the land. However, this behavior leads to the occasional burnout. She will fight and fight without ceasing, being her own greatest weakness.

This was brought to a climax when she tried to defeat Volkner all by herself. Against Lana's decisions, Foxie burst free of her Pokeball during the gym battle. She was too quickly defeated by Raichu's Thunderbolt. Frustrated and embarrassed, she rushed out of the gym, though Lana quickly caught up with her. With the help of Monkie, Lana was able to explain to Foxie that she wasn't always going to be able to be the champion. She must work with her teammates, and together they would be able to bring down any opponent.

Foxie finally did learn to share the spotlight, and she proudly cheered on her friends Monkie and Rosie as they brought down Volkner. Now that Lana had the badge, she was able to teach Waterfall to Foxie, making her stronger than ever before. Foxie still wants to be strong and powerfull, but she now has a brand new perspective.

HM Slaves: Bibarel and Pelipper
Current Challenges:
Nuzlocke Run: HeartGold
Tri Species Challenge: Pearl (Skuntank, Lumineon, Bronzong)
Completed Challenges:

Solo Run: Dewgong (Blue), Dodrio (Blue), Kangaskhan (Silver),
Nuzlocke Challenges: Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire

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