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Actually I think they DO announce you as the new Champion. However, I think they're used because they're the "official" champions. I mean, a person can go all throughout the game without defeating the Elite Four if they wish to. No one says you HAVE to beat the game. Plus, in Black and White you don't even HAVE to battle Alder. The Elite Four isn't important after you beat N. So I think that this may have had something to do with that. The main reason I don't think the main protagonists as the Champion is this: who cares? No one wants to battle them. You can do that with friends who play. Sure, maybe if you have a Multi Battle option, in which case it'd be neat if Hilda/bert came along; but even then I think I would rather the other protagonist of B2W2.

I will agree and say that Alder's radical change is a little odd, though.
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