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Quote originally posted by Dragonsong:
Sinnoh Battle Tower Tips?

I'm currently trying to get 80 BP (EIGHTY?!?!) for TM26 (earthquake)

I've gotten 14 wins in a row so far (9 BP), but I have no idea how to approach Barry's father - especially that one Pokemon of his with like, 4 elemental attacks >.>

I also lost once against a Sharpedo because I didn't know that Fighting was effective against Dark (I beat it with my Lucario but the next pokemon was a Machoke)

Right now I'm using my Espeon as a starter up to sweep everyone out with Psybeam, who usually 1hkos everything except Dark/Ghost/fat pokemon, at which point I pull out my Dragonite and sweep with that instead (Dragon Rush, she doesn't know Outrage yet) My third pokemon is usually Lucario or Milotic, another sweeper and a special def wall.

Are there any Pokemon I should switch out? Other Pokemon I have are:

Drifblim, Empoleon, Rapidash, Rotom, Garchomp, and Honchkrow
Well Palmer's team on the first go is Dragonite, Milotic and Rhyperior. It would be smart to bring along a Water type, since a strong water move will OHKO Rhyperior and if the Pokemon knows an Ice move it deals with Dragonite, leaving only Milotic. Milotic is a bulky Pokemon that can cause problems, so I recommend bringing along a stall-like Pokemon that can use Toxic and resist Milotic's moves. I suggest making your team; Empoleon (teach it a strong ice and water move), Garchomp (can probably destroy Dragonite if Empoleon cannot) and then the Toxic/bulky user. Perhaps slapping Toxic on Lucario since Milotic can't really harm it.
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