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Chapter I This World...


Scene The First
PoV: Minccino

What did I do to deserve this? I might be a little arrogant every now and then, but seriously. Why? I had what every Pokemon would have wanted: friends, a menace-free habitat, a house inside a tree... Now it's gone. And all because of that Ghetsis guy. Why did he destroy Broom Fields anyways? He said that “there wasn't anything there” and then called the guys that were with him liars. But why? He was obviously looking for something... but what exactly?

I have no knowledge of something hidden in the fields... but if there's actually something there... then Lady Cinccino knows about it! Maybe when Ghetsis saw her using Protect... maybe he knew that way that Lady Cinccino was our leader. I mean, c'mon, would you take a Pokemon by force just because it knows Protect? Of course not, or at least, that's what I think.

If I just were stronger... maybe I could have been able to defeat that Pokemon... if only I knew stronger moves... if only I was a Cinccino...

"Wake up!" a voice yells... I'm pretty sure it's not Pikachu's... Pikachu's not that deep.

I open my eyes. I'm not in the fields anymore... I'm lying over something that seems... like a rock. I don't know how to describe it. There's a waterfall... not next to the rock... it's all around the rock... and it doesn't look like it has an ending. I turn around, still on the rock. Pikachu is also next to me. Motionless...

And... there's a Pokemon floating over us. It's red and black, with blue stripes here and there. Looks like an alien if you ask me. It has a weird purple orb in what seems to be its chest.

"Who are you?" I ask, with my eyes half-open, still a little sleepy.

"I have a better question," he says with an incredibly deep voice, even when he's got no mouth. "Who are you?"

* * *

Scene The Second
PoV: Gyarados

La, la, la, la, la. I am so happy underwater! Hello, my name is... wait... Finneon! Hey! Hey, you! Yes you, come over here, Finneon! No, don't run! It's only going to be worse for you!


Munch, munch,munch. Where was I? Ah, yes! My name! Well, I'm Gyarados. Pleasure for you to meet me. Let me tell you a little something about myself. First, I'm the evolved form of the weak, pathetic, preposterous Magikarp. I know, yuck! It sucks to be related to that thing!

You know, it's quite lovely to live in here underwater. All the Finneon you can eat, I mean, who wouldn't love that?!

By the way, I have to tell you about a place around here. It's called Enclosed Island. It's not actually an island. It's more like a rock. Weird thing is... it's surrounded by a waterfall... a weird one.

The Pokemon around here say that, if you jump over that waterfall... you'll reach another world. A world that, unlike this one, isn't only inhabited by Pokemon. In fact, it's also inhabited by these creatures called "humans". What a creepy name! They might be monsters or something worst than that. That is... if there is.

So, what do I do you may ask? Well, apart from swimming, stealing some other Pokemon's food and eating Finneon... not much. This sea is quite vast, so it's quite boring. I spend my time watching Gorebyss and Huntail looking for food for their Clamperl babies... which I later eat. The food, of course... not the Clamperl... yet.

Wait a second... I hear something, it's a voice yelling "run for your lives" or something like that...

* * *

Scene The Third
VS Deoxys
PoV: Pikachu

"Run for your lives!" a highly acute voice yells. Is that the Minccino I was about to fight with?

I wake up. Minccino looks quite scared, and tears are streaming on his face. He's running, but from what? It makes no sense. Then a yellow light beam hits right next to him. He's sent flying at the side. We're not on the fields, are we?

I used to have a trainer which was obsessed with the idea of an alternate world. I remember how he used to travel off the seas looking for what he thought was the gateway to the world inhabited by Pokemon only. He never found it, but he said it would be quite obvious, as it's surrounded by a seemingly endless waterfall. I never thought it would be real... but I'm sure this is the place he was talking about.

Minccino tries to take me with his paws. "Get up, you moron!" is the only thing I could hear. Who would have thought that such a furry kind of Pokemon would speak like that!

I finally gather enough strength to stand up. I turn around, only to receive the scare of my life. It's a Pokemon... but it looks more like an alien!

"Who are you?!" I yell, scared.

"My name is Deoxys," he says with a very deep voice. "Now, be gone intruders!" He raises his tentacles up. He's floating, hovering gently and gracefully at the time. A light blue aura surrounded the weird Pokemon. Several rocks from different sizes start to emerge from the soil. They all stop at midair. Then they all are blasted away... and they're coming towards us.

I can't figure what to do... I've never seen such an attack. It's like that Deoxys has superpowers or something... Minccino is also paralyzed. It's obvious this is our end...

And right before all those rocks hit us, a huge, blue serpentine-like Pokemon comes, its tail shining in a light blue color. It whips its tail at the rocks, and they all bounce towards Deoxys. It then stops and hovers over the soil right next to me. Its tail stops shining.

"Hello! I'm Gyarados," he says.

"Errr... hi," I immediately reply.

I haven't paid any attention to Deoxys. But it didn't seem hurt at all. A little bit disorientated, but nothing else. Gyarados jumps towards Deoxys, its mouth wide open. Deoxys quickly dodges Gyarados, but he receives a bite from Gyarados on one of its tentacles. Deoxys then fires a blue beam of electricity from all of its body, knocking Gyarados away.

"Why are you defending those intruders, creature of the sea?" Deoxys says with anger.

"You know, I'd rather prefer the term 'Pokemon'," Gyarados replies.

"Fine, 'Pokemon', but you still need to answer my question."

"It's unfair, Deoxys, ya' know! Not cool! Why do you want to kill them?"

"I don't want to kill them. I just want to infringe as much pain as possible in their little bodies until they pass out."

"That's considered killing."

"Whatever... what brings you here anyway?"

"Well, first I was hunting, then I heard someone yelling “run for your lives”, and now I'm here, pretty twisted, huh?"


Deoxys stares at Gyarados. His head then turns around and he stares at me. I stay paralyzed from fear. Deoxys turns around towards Minccino. He had fainted and nobody even realized!

"Fine, I won't hurt them, just as long as you keep them out of my sight," says Deoxys after that.

"Yes, sir!" says Gyarados, making a military-like salute with the tip of his tail.

Deoxys's eyes turn purple as it stares at the sea. A path of flat rocks emerged from the sea, joining the weird rock where we were and the horizon. "Does it connect with something other than this rock?" I think. Deoxys's eyes go back to normal.

"You have five minutes," he says. As I gulp, I take Minccino and I drag him with me. Gyarados picks him up shortly after. And we run as fast as possible across the path of rocks.

* * *

Scene The Fourth
PoV: A human by the name of Gwendoll

"Good afternoon, Black City! It's me, Gwendoll Rozencraf, your field reporter! I'm on the top of Black Skyscraper and, as you can see around, it's raining. Unlike any other rain, this one, according to the scientists, is not natural. They say something is disrupting the balance of nature, but they don't know what it is! Behind me is the Sea of Mysteries, named this way because no one has been able to explore it completely. The only thing we know about it is that Mt. Coronet, or at least, what remains of it, is located here. Ever since the encompassment, the mountain has been slowly sucked into the depths of the sea, right now the only thing remaining is Spear Pillar. I'm Gwendoll Rozencraf, reporting for Jubilife's Global News Network. See you next time!"

A small chiming tune plays as I finish my part. “And... cut!” the director yells. "Thank god," I say to myself. "All this rain is soaking my clothes even when I'm wearing a raincoat. It's a bad day for wearing my red blouse, denim jeans and light blue coat with a hood." I think. After all, these are my lucky clothes. I turn around to see the remains of Mt. Coronet. They're far away from where I am standing, but between all the noise of the rain, and a light mist that surrounds the sea, it's hard to see.

"Ready to go?" I hear a voice from behind. It's Jilliene, my assistant. She's so nice to me, always helping me in whatever I want.

"Just a second," I reply, as I stare at Mt. Coronet while the rain filters in my raincoat and soaks my blonde, long hair.

I was about to go, when I suddenly spot something... What seems to be whirlpools are forming around Mt. Coronet. And some weird thing is forming around the mountain. "A portal." I say to myself. I'm not pretty sure of why I recognized it. I just did.

"Let's go," I say, turning around and heading to the helicopter that brought me a while before, Jilliene walking by my side.

And that's when I hear it. A cry I cannot identify. But it sounds like an angry Pokemon. As I turn around, I see the portal suddenly became wide open. Mt. Coronet didn't get swallowed by the portal, which is a weird thing. And there's something coming out of the portal. Wait, it's not just one thing. It's three of them.

"Are those Pokemon?" I yell with fright.

"Let's get out of here!" Jilliene says while grabbing my arm and telling me to enter the cabin.

But I can't. I can't avoid staring at those Pokemon. The first one to come out is huge, blue, with white stripes, a weird tail, and what seems to be a diamond in its chest... The second's also huge, but smaller than the first one. It's pink, with wide arms and a long tail. It has what seem to be pearls in each of its arms.

And the third one, it's gray and yellow, with red stripes all over its body, and weird black... wings, I guess, with red tips at the end of them. Not taller than the others, but surely larger. As I feel I'm being pushed by everyone around me into the cabin, I hear the three dragons releasing angry cries.

As the helicopter rises in the air. I see through a window how the three dragons are staring at me...

* * *

Scene The Fifth
PoV: Dialga

"Can't believe our father locked us here!" Giratina yells in anger. And he's right. Humans deserved to be punished. The fact that he didn't see that Cyrus guy changes nothing about it!

"Worry not, dear brother," I tell him, trying to calm him down, "for we shall exit soon enough!"

"How exactly do we do that, brother?" Palkia asks.

"Simple," I began. "You control space, I control time, and Giratina controls antimatter."

"So?" Giratina quickly replies.

"So... if we use our best moves, together they will join both this world and the human world, letting us exit."

"And exit... why?" say Palkia.

"Because I'm sure humans are still controlling Pokemon against their will, just like they did with us... they have to be punished!"


“Hey, brother, snap out of it!” I hear. I turn around, and see Giratina.

“Guess I was just having a fantasy again,” I quickly reply. We had just returned to the world of humans, and we had to finish what we started. We had to see if humans were still using Pokemon against their will, and if they do... well, we won't hold back...

* * *

Scene The Sixth
PoV: N

I'm sitting on the throne, doing nothing, just like always.

“Normal day, huh?” says Reshiram, who's next to me.

“You're right,” I say. After all, it is a normal day. Normal... and boring. I'm not allowed to go outside anymore. Ghetsis won't allow me. Luckily I have my Pokemon friends with me. This part of the castle is empty, that's weird. Usually it's crowded with the sages and several grunts. Even Anthea and Concordia are gone. I wish I knew what was going on.

I only hear rain striking at the castle. It's harsh, so I don't think anyone is outside, right? I stare at Reshiram. He has a quite worried expression in his face.

“What's going on?” I ask.

“It's nothing,” he says. “At least... not yet...”

Not yet...what did he meant with that? Is something going to happen? No matter how hard I try to know, Reshiram won't tell me a thing about it.

EDIT: A couple of thing you should know:
encompassment is the name that scientists gave to the event when Groudon and Kyogre joined the regions with their powers. To be explained in the next chapter.
The fic will rotate from the PoV of humans/pokemon in the human world and the world only inhabited by Pokemon (the world that appears in Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon)

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