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Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
Wait. Wait. I've got this. How about...Abomasnow Christmas Tree Form? Oh I'm so clever.
... xD This would be wonderful paha. And what with all the new forms they're bringing in with Gen V.2, I wouldn't be surprised if this did actually happen haha. Maybe it could bring in a third typing and we'd get a Grass/Ice/Electric Pokémon - now that would be cool.

Originally Posted by KyokuseiXRyusei View Post
I don't mind seeing double-type Electric Pokemon. Actually, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there are any Electric/Poison type Pokemon. I want to see Electric/Ice type Pokemon, too.
There aren't, but I really think there should be :D What do you think they'd look like if they did exist? And the same for Ice/Electric types? :3 I find them both really hard to picture tbh; I can't think of anything to relate the types haha. How about a polarbear with a thunder hammer? xD

Originally Posted by KoboraX View Post
Name: KoboraX
Partner Pokemon: Crash the Eelektross

In my opinion, Electric is only a good mix with Flying types. Zapdos is pretty much the only example of that, dispite the fact it's the only Electric/Flying type so far. Other than that, Dragon would be a possible good substitute with the case of Zekrom and how it brought Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike to the Electric type world.
Hi there, welcome to the club! :D What made you choose Eelektross as your partner Pokémon? ^^ Emolga and Thundurus are both Electric/Flying btw, although I agree that they don't really show off this dual typing very well compared to Zapdos. I reckon you're right about Dragon/Electric Pokémon though, I never thought of that! There's sooo much potential for that typing to exist; I'm picturing a massive glowing light blue dragon with massive yellow horns bellowing out thunderous ripples and glowing bolts of red hot lightning and hnggg this just sounds so cool in my mind. <333 What do you think new Dragon/Electric types could look like?

By the way, if you guys ever get tired of talking about new types of Electric Pokémon then feel free to start a new topic :D I'm just really interested in this side of things haha.