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I don't know where exactly this would go, so feel free to move it if necessary, mods.

Since the Random Number in the Damage Formula is pretty small (a range of 15% of total damage), shouldn't it be possible to find a range of [Special] Attack IVs before even catching a pokémon? Damage is known, your pokémon's defense is known, and Level is known. The only remaining variables in the Damage Formula are the offending pokémon's [Sp.] Attack stat and Rand(85,100). Given a high enough level pokémon (where IVs will have a better effect), it would be possible to find the Minimum IV needed to do the damage and the Maximum IV. After multiple attacks, the range would become more narrow as long as the random number is different since all other variables are constant for a single pokémon.

Can someone tell me if I'm wrong in all this? Has anyone ever gone through the trouble to find the math for all this?