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Quote originally posted by Dragonsong:
Cool thanks =D

My Empoleon knows Hydro Pump (inb4 he misses) and Ice Beam (would Surf work too?)
My Garchomp's strongest Dragon move is Draco Meteor.

Not so sure about putting Toxic on Lucario tho....
Surf is still viable if you're worried about missing.

While Draco Meteor is good on a mixed Garchomp, Garchomp is still better off using physical STABs (Dragon Claw, Outrage, Earthquake) to hit the opponent as hard as it can. Really, the only Special move it should be using is Fire Blast to hit physically defensive Pokemon hard, especially those weak to Fire.

Don't think about putting Toxic on Lucario. While its defensive typing is good, its defenses are average at best. It should just set up Swords Dance or Calm Mind and smash into things.

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