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Okay, I started SoulSilver, and I saved in my character's room right after beating the E4. I can't believe I got to the E4 First Round in about 4 hours. I had to hack in Mankey as my starter since he's only available in HG.

Team at this point:

Poliwrath Lv.54
Ice Beam, Mind Reader, Surf, Dynamicpunch

Primeape Lv.53
Earthquake, Cross Chop, Aerial Ace, U-Turn

UPDATE: 7/7/12
Okay, I just beat Red and he was pretty easy.


Poliwrath Lv.87
Ice Beam, Mind Reader, Surf, Dynamicpunch

Primeape Lv.86
Earthquake, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, U-Turn

Next up is Sapphire.

UPDATE AGAIN: 7/9/12(played 7/8/12)

I started sapphire yesterday and I have beaten the E4, it was extremely easy.


Milotic Lv.64
Surf, Waterfall, Recover, Rain Dance

Sealeo Lv.65
Aurora Beam, Surf, Body Slam, Rest

Luvdisc Lv.65
Attract, Safeguard, Take Down, Surf

Whiscash Lv.68
Earthquake, Future Sight, Rest, Surf

Seaking Lv.65
Waterfall, Fury Attack, Surf, Agility
The Eeveelution Challenge

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