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"Mew~, the fact that you had to point it out means this is one of the few victories you will ever have in life."
Saying this was unnecessary as Mew already mentioned regardless if you meant it seriously or not Mew saw it as insulting. So if you do have comments like this just keep them to yourself cause all its going to do is end up bad for everyone. If you have anything farther to discuss on this issue keep it to the pms.

Now to the actually topic.

Do we actually have a defintion of what Dragon Master is? Because I don't see why it really matters if she has a fully evolved pokemon, since more then likely she had to either battle it which takes effort or win it over which also takes effort. And training the pokemon doesn't necessarily mean the only way to show your skills as a Dragon trainer its just one of the qualities that makes a good dragon trainer like she is already doing with Axew. She has already worked with a few Dragons in the past such as Druddigon and Axew she didn't capture either but she still used this instances to develop as a Dragon trainer. Also for all we know Dragonite won't exactly be willing pokemon as the prior episode title suggests, so she may have to put a bit of effort into training it to properly obey.

Now would I have preferred they had her catch Dratini or Bagon or their second stages yes, but it is what it is. So hopefully we get to see her development with Axew no farther progress since as you said it has the desire to be a Haxorus and Iris has the desire to be a strong Dragon trainer.

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