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Quote originally posted by Akio123:
B. I get that the point is to promote old Pokemon. But you kind of missed the rest of my post. I'm fine with the Dragonite line, just not Dragonite right off the bat. I like how you only argued the Deino thing when it's clear I'm fine with her with Dragons, just not a fully evolved.
I didn't miss your point, I understood it. I mentioned Deino because she doesn't need a basic Pokémon when she's already proven she can handle them.

Quote originally posted by Akio123:
To be a Dragon master it makes more sense for her to raise a weak dragon into a strong one.
My argument was she's already done so.

Quote originally posted by Akio123:
Trainer A is walking down a path and sees a sleeping Hydreigon. Sends out Walrein, freezes it and catches by your logic this person is a dragon mater.
No, again that's an assumption you're making. As explicitly said 'giant leap in the right direction' she isn't quite there yet.

Quote originally posted by Akio123:
Trainer B: Gets a Bagon egg. It starts off weak, but after bonding, much training, and work it evolves it's a Salamence. By your logic, this is not a Dragon master.
I haven't said anything that would suggest that. If anything it's small steps.

Quote originally posted by Akio123:
C. I just want to point out, for the "Game team" argument; First off I use the manta anime=/=games more than anymore here lulz. That said, the argument stems from the fact that Hydreigon appears in this episode. They could have easily made Dragonite the villainous one (and let's be honest going by the title, it's going to be a bit of a D-bag anyway lol) and she could have gotten Hydreigon. It just makes more sense, because they chose a Pokemon that IS on her game team as her Dragonite's opponent (see I clearly have accepted I'm wrong)
But you're expecting the writers to be predictable, which is boring. Let's face it, they usually always are, but I'm going to take it for what it's worth. If anything I can sort of agree maybe a Hydreigon may have been a better choice, but then there's advertising for previous gens etc.

Honestly though, look at this in all perspective, although I think it's justified. I do agree with Akio that it's a bit random. My only thought is that because we're nearing the end of Unova, we might be saying goodbye to Iris, so giving her a Dragonite would show the audience she's on the right path without having to travel with Ash. Does that make sense? Meh.

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