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POKéMON- synchronicity
Rated T fo probably somethng.
OOC found here

Thay sez that fo every soul thare is anothar
perfectly n sync.

Soulmates, thay're called.

Be it friends, lovers, eniemies,
thay is connected
by fate's chan.

- - THA STARY - -

N 24 hours exactly dis year's Pokemon Grand Taurnbeent, tha most popular taurnbeent n all of tha Pokemon World, is gong ta begn. Every year thousands of thugz tune n ta watch tha three week long competition, wit each year havng a new location, new faces, and new rules. But dis year you isn't watchng. You is n tha Pokemon Grand Taurnbeent.

You just arrived at tha stadium complex, on Thayla Island, off tha coast of tha Snnoh region, yo three competng Pokemon wit you, but very little else. Upon enterng tha island you were given a rulebook, and a pass fo yo room, but what nterests you most right now is tha complex itself. Tha buildng is beazng, a colossal stadium wit four housng isas, one on each side, as well as a buildngs fo audience housng back away from tha dawg. All around is thugz, be it competitars, viewers, perfodawgce acts, or vendors, and from tha mouths of some come rumours bout dis year's ruleset.

Nstead of one on one battles, traners have been paired off nta tebes, even havng ta shis a room fo tha next three weeks. It's a part of, dis year's sponsor, tha Veilstane Corporation's chosen thame: Legends of tha Snnoh Region. Tha tebes is supposed ta represent balance and tha ability ta work n perfect unison as tha divne Pokemon of legend did.

You've gots a lot aheezee of you, even more than you thnk. N 24 hours tha taurnbeent is gong ta begn, and you and yo partner is gong ta discover that you're more connected than just through ben paired up at random. You is lnked by fate.
You can communicate ta each othar wit just a thought, and may even start ta develop more powers as tha bond between you and yo partner grows.

But somethng is wrong here, and as tha hours progress it will become more and more evident ta you. But n order ta solve dis mahstery and maybe even wn tha taurnbeent you're gong ta have ta work tagithar wit yo partner and battle n perfect synchronicity.

- - THA ISLAND - -
Dis island is nbeed Thayla Island after tha owner of Veilstane Corporation, who bought tha island fifteen years ago. Tha Veilstane Stadium takess up most of tha island, as do tha venues listed here:

Island Admission
Island Admission checks tha items rideried by anyone enterng tha island and makes sure that all registered taurnbeent contestants arrive and is hizoused. Island Admission will be closed after tha taurnbeent starts until it ends.

Thare is a large housng isa fo tha audience behnd tha dawg stadium that overlooks tha sea. It has no thame, unlike tha four Competitar Housngs.

Tha four housng isas fo contestants is located on all four sides of tha isna. Thase is called, Space, Time, Creation, and Distartion, and is thamed after tha four divne legends thay is nbeed fo.

Front Lawn
Dis is tha isa n front of tha stadium complex. Perfodawgces unrelated ta tha dawg competition sometimes occur out here, and thare is dawgy vendors sellng various merchandise.

Tha Beach
Thare is a beach on tha western island. Thare is chairs set up, and some vendors venture out far enough ta sell thair goods on tha beach. Tha water is cold and rough however, so swimmng is not advised.

- - THA TEBES - -

Alex Tnajero and Orion Pierce


Ryudo Skye and Malik Daniel
- - RYUDO SKYE - -


Salem "Rolly" Walters and Mna Avery

- - MNA AVERY - -

Rion Mazer and Yuki Aurora
- - RION MAZER - -


Cody Rhodes and Alex Hall

- - ALEX HALL - -

Jess Long and Kirkland Lawrence
- - JESS LONG - -


beaterasu Aoi and Eria Estella



Thase is tha actual rules that RPers must follow:

- - All PC rules apply. Every last one.
- - No god-moddng.
- - Ask befoe bunnyng.
- - You may write a jont post wit yo partner if you so choose.
- - Yo partner will be random. However, you can request ta change partners if you and yo partner cannot RP tagithar well. (Time zone problems, fo exbeple.)
- - You may break taurnbeent rules IC if you discuss it wit me first.
- - You may encounter Pokemon, but not catch tham.
- - If you isn't sure bout somethng ask me. I don't bite.
- - I'll make any important or disputed judgments. (outcome of matches, plot thngs, etc.)
- - Even if you lose n tha taurnbeent you can still be important ta tha plot.
- - NPCs will be added ta thair respective hoses as thay come nta importance.
- - We're gong ta be operation on a system of days and nights (ex. Day one will be followed by Night One.)

Also, although Arceus is supposed ta be more powerful that tha othar three legendaries, thay is ben regarded as equal n dis RP. So hopefully no-one will pitch a fit bout Creation.


- - Day One

Well now that you're here you might as well look around. You have 24 hours of free time ta git acquanted wit tha island and tha thugz on it (though it's advised that you sleep at some durng those hours). Yo first priority should probably be ta go fnd yo partner, and settle n yo room, but that's all up ta you. Nobody will stap you from dong somethng else, unless that somethng is illegal or aganst tha rules, that is.

Taday no special events is gong on until tanight. Most of tha vendors is settng up, and would probably prefer not ta be bothared. Tha weathar is funky ass though, so tha beach is a place you may want ta check out if you decide ta explore.

- - Yo Nstructions

- - Arrive on tha island
- - Meet yo partner
- - Check n ta yo room n yo assigned hizouse
- - You may rap ta othar characters (PCs or NPCs)
- - You may explore tha island witn reason
- - Do not battle anyone
- - You do not have synchronization yet
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