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^A. She hasn't really made Axew a Haxorus yet. I don't see that as a valid argument until it's at least a Fraxure.Yeah, it's stronger than it was before, but it still has ways to go. We just have two very different opinions here

B. It's not really an assumption, it's a giant leap that goes from "Dragon master in training" right to Mary Sue.

C. It would be predictable, and yeah they want to advertise old gen, but they are doing it to advertise B2W2. (That's why Cynthia now has a Glaceon). I mean I wold accept this argument if she got Flygon (begrudgingly, but I still would). I mean then it's the same as Cilan arbitrarily getting a Garchomp.

All in all, I'll say it again, I like Iris getting more dragons. My issue is that this in particular dragon just seems so random. (You said it yourself). With that logic of BW ending soon, that is the same sort of justification used for Togekiss. It just doesn't work for me is all.
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