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Quote originally posted by Hooh54:
I do have a Shiny Female Ninetales (max EVs in sped and sp. atack, I believe). She has the Nasty Plot moveset so she's quite a good competitive battler. The Ninetales is lv. 100. Do you want her?
Yes! That would be great.

I went on a car ride for 4 hours and I got it done. Here is the details:

Level 25
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd
False Swipe-Spore-Swords Dance-Stun Spore

I think I can trade tonight sometime. Also, could you attach a heart scale? It took me 4 to teach him those moves.

Quote originally posted by ColdBytes:
I have a Lv 64 magnezone. I dont think Ev is maxed but i think it is around 100 in Defense. I traded it from my Platinum version.
Um, I don't know. I really like Jirachi and I traded my Deoxys for him.
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