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Thieves Forest-In front of the Decreement

As the Gold Tribe waited for the rest of the group to gather in front of the Decreement, Defender spoke up.

"Lyn, Hoodhide, I need to talk to you two, over here." Hoodhide and Lyn exchanged glances, and then walked over to the spot Defender motioned to. Zane watched as the three walked over there, unable to hear what they were talking about, but assuming he was making sure they understood the entire plan, or perhaps were going over another portion of it. Zane couldn't be sure.

Defender nodded as he began speaking. "Right, first, I'm being trampled by some ancients, who do you focus on?"

"Thebrother" Hoodehide chirped. Lyn responded with a nod after Hoodhide.

"Dark Lightening has just been stabbed by an ancient and is soon going to die, who do you focus on?"

"Uh...the-bro?" Hoodhide answered again.

"Brother..." Lyn began, walking over to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. " need to calm down. We've been over the entire plan. We know what we have to do. We get it. We've all been in plenty of dangerous missions before. Maybe one not quite like this, but we know what's at stake. There's no way we won't succeed. You need to calm down. Just take a breath. Everything's gonna work out. Trust me!" She said, ending with giving Defender a reassuring smile.

A moment later, Calamity walked over to where Zane, Ragnaros, and Dark Lightning stood, the rest were sure to soon follow.


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