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Quote originally posted by Whimsyful:
Ha, and I was already one step ahead of you all on the abilities page~ So Ha! Ha ha ha! >:D

Anyways, it looks like you'll be forced to settle with me and Rolly, Fortworth. I hope you don't mind wacky shenanigans. I am all about the wacky shenanigans. Which gave me a thought~ We should really discuss where we want to go with our characters and whatnot. I'm sure every pair will have their own unique story, right~

Are you going to be the one to play all the NPC's, Starsprite? You could probably [STRIKE]Make the late kids do it[/STRIKE] ask us for help~ It would be excessive fun to have a chance to toy with the Pokémon who never made my team! Perhaps the others feel the same?
Whacky shenanigans are my specialty :D And that sounds like a good idea to me~

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