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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
It's a fantastic tool - the addition of the save tool makes it so much more convenient! No longer do I have to copy + paste the commands - it's all laid out neat for me!

It makes me regret not helping ya out more :\ well I hope you can forgive me because the advent of this new tool is the single reason I'm getting back into hacking! It's literally that good. Don't ever stop Nerky or else you will be the reason I leave PC >
=D I'm glad you like it. And, no worries. You're forgiven. =)

And oh? My tool is why you're getting back into it? You must really like it a lot. I have no plans to stop. Slow down a bit, perhaps, but I won't stop until PMD is fully hackable, even if it means I have to do everything myself. =P

That said, though, I'm glad people like my tool. It gives me even more reason to work at it until completion. To be honest, though, I really don't think it's all that impressive yet. I'll only think it's impressive when it can do flashy stuff like update as you edit (which I plan to make it able to do during beta.) Then again... I'm one of those people that isn't satisfied with small stuff. The biggest thing about my program now is saving to/loading from the ROM. The rest is just research, really. Research, tinkering, and experimentation.

Even if, in the end, people never use my tool, I'll still be using it myself to learn the inner workings of the ROM itself. The reason I'm doing this is partly for PC, partly to prove to myself that it can be done, and partly out of pure curiosity. How was it coded? Why was it coded that way? Can I make it better? These questions and more are why I'm making the tool. Mainly so I don't have to write all the hex by hand anymore. =)

Can you believe that's how this tool started? Soley because I thought "Hey... It's far too tedious to keep parsing this hex by hand. I think I'll make a program that can do it for me." Thus, PMDSE was born. =P Ahh, good times.

In any case, I'm having a blast with this, plus I'm learning quite a lot. PMD is such an interesting game. And, although I'll admit some of the magic of PMD is spoiled by looking at the script, the way they put everything together as a finished product amazes me, really. Even when you know exactly what's happening, it's very easy to get lost in how they portray the story.

...I don't know why I wrote such a long post. But... read it if you want to learn more about why I'm doing this. =) For now, I really just need sleep (almost 3 AM). So, fans, I bid you adieu until I get up. <3
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