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Just going to reply to specific posts at first and then go into a bit more detail.

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Change weekly polls to monthly perhaps. Or if you must have them weekly, change them to not be about the Pokemon all the time, cause you're gonna run out. Have more choices. Favorite gym design, for example. I'm getting tired and can't think of many off the top of my head lol, but the polls are getting monotonous. Or you can face the music and realize no one cares about BW anymore and you're now in the club with me, Metal/Color and Advanced!
Yeah we could change the time period, and actually, we'll be done in 3 weeks so that could be the time for change, really.

Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
This isn't really a suggestion, but just my two cents on this topic:
One of the reasons why I fear making topics analyzing some of the "secrets" of BW is because with the release of B2W2, the "mystery" might have been solved, and spoilers may trickle in--and even if they're behind spoiler tags, if the mystery has been solved, what is there to discuss?
Since not everyone has played B2W2, it just creates a huge divide. And since I'm guessing that most people have played them already, or at least read up on what occurs, there just doesn't seem to be a need to post in this board.

As to how this issue can be solved, I can't really offer much of a solution. Maybe instead of Pokemon weekly polls, there could be a mix of characters and locations? It adds more to the section at least, and it does add a bit to discuss.
Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I think the Weekly Polls should remain, as taking them away won't accomplish much. But I am sick of all the same Pokémon related threads and all the threads that could just as easily be in the B2W2 forum around. I guess it's just a lot harder to make a thread with good discussion that is only relevant to BW because either they can also relate to B2W2 or that have been made before.

(We need Ole here to make awesome discussion threads again don't we?)
@ both: Unfortunately, yeah, I was just considering making a thread but it kinda doesn't lead anywhere because yeah, I haven't played through B2W2 so I don't know everything and anything we might think about or want to discuss actually leads to no sort of discussion. It's something I'm really unsure we can fix right now...

also yes, he would help!

Originally Posted by Reshiram Man View Post
This forum right here is one of the reasons I joined PC, and it is a shame to see it die down like this.

The Weekly Polls are fine, but maybe every now and then, you could throw in something different than Pokemon vs. Pokemon, although I am not sure what you could do.

If I think of a good idea, I will try my hardest to post it and bring back the way the BW forum used to be.
Yeah that seems to be the thought to change from Pokemon. :(

Originally Posted by Aquarius1997 View Post
I wouldnt suggest getting rid of the weekly polls because like you said it does generate visits
But we do need engaging topics because you cant really post twice in a thread describing your most dissaponting pokemon(you already said it once so what would you post next)
If i have ideas for an engaging thread i would help and post it
Yeah there's really a limit on how much you can discuss Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
I always thought weekly polls were overkill; reduce to bi-weekly maybe? At least then you won't have them stealing the activity that could go into newer topics.
Also, you could restrict discussion to be strictly canon in B/W, if there is cross over happening. So, anything that is comparing between games (if that is happening) isn't allowed.

B/W is a big game, from what I remember, and there is a lot of stuff that can be discussed in here, so it is just about focusing that topical stuff like.

/no idea if relevant, was told to post.
I don't really think there's any cross over really, the issue is more of the fact that B2W2 has solved everything we've wondered in B/W, leading us to go nowhere. :x BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY.

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I've gotta admit, the reason I don't tend to post in these forums anymore is that I've already discussed the majority of what I have to say before when I used to post here. It seems to be the same topics coming up again and again, just in different forms. :3 Whilst that's not necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn't appeal to me personally. I know this isn't incredibly helpful in finding a solution, but if someone can think of a way to generate new and original topics rather than constant revival of the old ones, then I'd be much more inclined to post here. What I would say though is that Nica, your topics are great, things like "Do you regret putting time and effort into B/W?" and "Do you think your character was right in taking a stand against Ghetsis?" are very interesting to read & reply to (in fact I'll go do that now!), so if you can spark those kind of topics into the the rest of the section, I think it'd help a lot. I guess discussing things like particular story points, characters, teams that NPCs used in game, where & why Pokemon appear in certain places, etc, would be the kind of things I'd like to discuss. Incidentally I don't know why I haven't made some of these topics yet so I may just do that later. :p

As for the weekly polls and the threads discussing Pokémon, I actually love these. I really enjoy discussing Pokémon like that :3 The only thing I wonder is if they're still relevant to BW as opposed to say BW2 or Pokémon Voting Polls? Although they've worked well here for a long time so if it's not broke, don't fix it. :p
Yeah I know, that's kind of the annoying thing because while I try to bring them up, people just don't really bother really replying to them. While we all have those ideas, people are just like, nope, not going to bother. And the rehashed threads are starting to become really annoying because the memberbase isn't running to BW anymore to discuss, but rather B2W2. I know it'll be worse in a few months but idk. :(

Yeah technically it could fit into PVP but it's all we really have unfortunately. XD;


But yeah thanks for your feedback thus far, guys. From the looks of it, we won't be continuing the Pokemon weekly polls (or at least maybe not? idk I'll discuss with Kaori) after this round (2/3-ish weeks) and we might try other things. If they fail, I'm not sure what we can really do. What's evident is that the section itself kind of got dealt the small straw by GF deciding on sequels rather than a third game, otherwise it would've been active still for a bit, unlike the other sections that got that, but oh well. Kind of running out of ideas here and thoughts because nothing seems to work out and it'll be worse in a few months when B2W2 is released, and even so, we won't probably get the bad "help me trade" or "rate my team" threads because nobody will be playing B/W. :x I'd love to be able to change this, but nobody else has any major ideas other than resorting the polls format unfortunately so idk what we can do. Sorry for the downer attitude but I guess I kind of hoped others had lots of feedback and thoughts. But oh well! I'll leave this open for a while to see if we can get any other thoughts, but otherwise we're just going to have to wait it out and kind of give up until the gen 5 forum, which'll be at most 2 years away, based on the past game patterns. Sigh. Thanks anyway, guys! Everyone who hasn't posted, or wants to reply to this, reply, and make threads if you can think of any, but I understand how difficult it is. I really don't know what we can do from here but yeah. :(
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