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Originally Posted by arranda View Post
hello there, i'm currently playing pokemon ruby... i have beat all the 8 gym leaders and now i'm on the way trough the victory road to achieve the place where the elite 4 belong.

I really need advice for my team.. or specifically for the good moveset combo in every pokemon i had in my team...

well here's my main team:
1. Blaziken lv 43 (scratch, overheat, fire blast, blaze kick)
2. Altaria lv 35 (dragonbreath, fly, take down, sing)
3. Gyarados lv 39 (dragon rage, earthquake, surf, thrash)
4. Groudon lv 48 (slash, ancientpower, fireblast, earthquake)
5. kadabra lv 20 (psybeam, confusion, etc... currently training it )
6. manectric lv 42 (thunderbolt, thunder, shock wave, bite)

and my subtitution team
7. medicham lv 40 (hi jump kick, calm mind, hyper beam, strength)
8. I also have a donphan and azumariil both at lv 30 something...

i know my team is a mess and therefore i need your advice before i facing the elite four for the first time :D

i need any advice of good moveset combo for every pokemon, or what other pokemon i should catch and train, etc.. or anything else that will help me beat the elite 4 and the rival. thanks in advance :D
Ditch Altaria and pick up spheal/sealeo from the cave above mossdeep. Then If you still want to use it(groudon) get tm22 solarbeam and teach+drought=1 turn 120 base grass move. Teach blaziken a fight type move like brick break (both tm's can be obtained from lilycove market)
no need for three fire moves, slash!why did you not teach it slash?bulk up blaze kick and brick break. Delete gyarados' surf and teach it waterfall. If u cant teach it slash use tm 27(return) and raise it's happiness should end up with a base power of about 102
Good Luck!
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