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Skye's eyes flickered and he inwardly sighed in relief. I can't believe that worked so well... He had hoped it would fly over the flames, not realizing that there were two other horns ready to burn it but that was completely unexpected. The roaring tornado faded as Volca stopped firing, rooted to the spot. Unsurprisingly, he was also unconscious. Skye wiped sweat from his forehead and went to pick up his Bug-type. "Yuh-hou reh-really wih-will do eh-anythuh-thing to win," he told the unconscious Pokemon.

Now, after returning the grub to his Pokeball, Skye looked up at his opponent. Her face held anger and misery. The girl had had it in the bag, at least with Volca, in her eyes. However, she had been too focused on getting away from being damaged by Volca and not thinking of the second Pokemon. Pala, who looked away from Lumina sadly, waddled back to her trainer. Detect would have been useful against her... to a point. He patted the Cubchoo's head and held her in his arms.

Slowly he walked over, looking sympathetically at the Yanma. He pulled a healing item from his bag and gently sprayed it on the Pokemon without asking. "Guh-Good match," he said, looking up at her. "Yuh-You almost wuh-won." This was fact. He doubted Pala would have lasted that long. She was still too young to really fight.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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