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:D Fantastic tool, though looking at it a little deeper there is a couple of details we could change...

Okay, first up. I'm thinking that we could give some of the command names a facelift. For example, "load" can be fully understood (phonetically, anyways) by "ld" so there's no need to waste two more characters to express the same thing.

And some are really...weird. For example, you use "bot" to refer to "bottom". It's not a big deal, though it was very confusing when I started referring to "bot" as "robot". Of course there are no "robots" in PMD but that's just something that bothered me.

Also some indentation would be nice in the commands but it's fine with me that only the Hex is indented. And some syntax highlighting (nothing big, just color the "command" red or something) would be appreciated, but it's totally understandable even without the colors.

Other than that, it feels completely natural and understandable (and fun!) to use this tool. I hope you make other tools too! Your design techniques are some of the best I've seen! (sorry HackMew)

Overall: 9/10 (10/10 if finished ;P)
UI ease of use: 8/10 (not finished yet so I'll give room for improvement)
Design: 10/10 (love it!)
Actual functionality: 9/10 (many commands aren't parsed, though available commands give 90% control over game)
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