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Skye smiled at Nika. "I luh-look fuh-forward to it." At the reminder about the other girl, he shook his head. "Duh-hon't thuh-think eh-either of uh-hus neh-need more buh-hurns." Pala squealed at this. No one would burn Skye while she was around. Absolutely no-body! "Guh-good evening." He released Nika's hand and walked away, heading back toward Holly and Rama with an easygoing smile. Rama barked at him as he returned, sitting up and stretching.

"That took too long," he commented playfully and Skye snorted. Volca would be unconscious for sure tonight, thankfully. That meant they all could rest easy. The fox snickered at his own words before glancing irritably back over at Holly and the girl. What dorm was this chick in and why wasn't she there at this late hour? He wanted to know so he could to sleep.

Skye wondered as well but was more polite about it. "Heh-hey, pah-pardon meh-me for ah-asking buh-hut what duh-dorm are you ih-in?"
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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