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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
I have a question that only the B2W2 owners can answer. Was the type Chart changed? Is Bug no longer "Not very Effective" vs Ghost Types?

I've been searching online and have two different answers. "Yes" and "No" Course neither that gave these answers posted proof.

I ask cause I found out that this guy is Ghost/Dark with Wonderguard. He's a Pokewood Boss. I don't believe that Gamefreak would make him Ghost/Dark and give him Wonderguard without an easier way to beat him.

Can one of you check to see if they Changed Bug's Type effectiveness against Ghost?
That was just a typo in the guide, Bug is still only doing 0.5 towards Ghosts. Pokewood give you the tools to defeat the bosses. You just have to work out what to do.