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Here's the bare bones of my SU. I'll try and finish it soon!




Brius Aegle :::: Grimm
18 | ♂ | Member of Fairy Tail
Virgo -/- Steel Make


To begin, Brius stands at 6' and weighs nearly 145 lbs, giving him an athletic build. His pure-white hair is about medium in terms of length and tends to be quite messy most of the time. Typically, his bangs tend to cover his forehead, even to the point of getting in front of his eye. Brius' skin is quite pale in contrast to his taste of clothing. His eyes, or rather eye, is an icy-blue color.

On to clothing, Brius wears a type of demin-like pants, zippers going up the centers of both legs. He tends to wear a tight, black tank top in casual wear, but tends to switch between wearing it or not when on a quest. In the accessory department, Brius actually has quite a bit. First and foremost would probably be his eyepatch, a constant reminder of a little bit of bad luck in his history. Brius has a set of two, seemingly gauntlet-styled gloves. The left glove is both black and white and possesses a wide assortment of buckles on it as well as a white padded part on his elbow. His right however, is pure black and possesses the same padded part on the elbow. On this side, it also has a zipper running down it's length and a variety of chains around the wrist.


  • Intellectual Hypocrite
Stubborn, strong-willed, short-tempered, and impulsive, Brius' personality is easily seen as complex. Outspoken and hot-headed to the extreme, Brius will never back down from a fight or challenge. He is always a person who will attempt to keep "cool" image, though he does say that he doesn't entirely care. This side of his personality is nearly always supported by his cold appearance, making him seem like one of the worst people in the world.

Brius is also someone who prides himself on his amount of knowledge, making him not like those who act stupid. The thing is, with the amount of knowledge he has, he easily gets things jumbled in his head, making him appear wrong with some things. Ultimately, this makes him look like a fool and even a hypocrite at times.

However, even with his abrasive demeanor, Brius is easily one to be empathetic and compassionate towards others, especially those he cares about. Because of this, he will tend to go to great lengths to help his friends, even to the point of risking his own life to protect them. He also despises those who mistreat their own allies. To Brius, this is the worst thing someone can do as allies are only there to help and support you. This is likely his worst downfall as he will almost always trust his allies, even if they're out to do harm to him (unless he knows it of course).

On the case of fighting, Brius has a, different, sense of honor. Of course, he always wants to win fights without any gimmicks and in a legitamate way. While he likes teamwork, he will never go in a group against one person. Brius also happens to have a small thing for revenge, though merely as a means to right what an enemy has done wrong.


  • Intellect | Idiocy
  • Friendship/allies | Enemies
  • Teamwork | Solidarity
  • Heights | Underground
  • meat | vegetables

Steel-Make magic is a form of molding magic utilizing different types of steel made from the user's magic. From there on, the steel can be manipulated in nearly any way the user knows how. Typically, the only weaknesses the magic possesses is extremely high heat and pressure. If the enemy were to own both of these powers, then the user's creations could be manipulated and leave his powers nearly useless.

  1. Steel-Make: Weapon(Sword or Scythe) - The user manifests a weapon, a sword or scythe in Brius' case. The steel is typically made to be light-weight, yet still effective in battle.
  2. Steel-Make: Bullet - The user manifest a single, or even multiple, bullet(s) that can be used for short to long range combat. While creating the bullets is fairly easy, firing them swiftly enough can cost the user greatly in terms of magic power.
  3. Steel-Make: Encompass - The user surrounds his/her body with a workable, yet strong steel. This is used both offensively, as it can physically heighten the power of a punch or kick, and defensively, as it also heightens defense. The downfall is the fact that the user must first manifest enough steel to manipulate, which can obviously take some time due to the amount needed.

// Bae'd to Kikpanther //
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