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I'm glad to announce that some character artwork is in the works!... and has been in the works for over a month. Slow progress since my artist doesn't have much time on his hands and I can't draw for my life, but progress nonetheless!

Once this thread hits 1500 views, I'll reveal the types of the Elite Four members and release biographies like those of the Gym Leaders! Sad to say that the "Strength Biomech" isn't getting an update just yet. Things have been a bit slow for me.

I'm also personally working on a Victory Road theme, which I think will be universally enjoyed by the people who follow this thread!

Hoping for good progress in the future!
Pokemon Equilibrium is my project. Be sure to at least look at it. If you like it, then say so. If you don't, tell me why. If you wish to contribute, then say so. If you don't, then continue about your business. It is currently an idea in need of teams. Link here:
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