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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia looked over at Danielle and looked at Roberto. "Oh. No. He's just... protective." She said softly before turning back to Danielle and giving a weak smile. "It's a long story. And very boring I might add. You wouldn't like to hear it." She said as she began to eat once more. A idea suddenly popped into her head, "Oh!" She grabbed Samuel's pokeball and released the Absol. "Samuel, go and let Roberto have some rest."

The Absol gave a curt nod as he walked toward the bug, "Hey, stare any longer and you're eyes will pop out. Go on, lie down. Rest your legs." The Scizor didn't budge. "Fine! I will stay here as well, and if you do go after him, I'll stop you." Roberto gave him a quick glare before he returned to staring at the Sableye. Samuel walked up to Snype, "Snype... I only say this now. Don't leave this table alone. If you value your life... stay in someone's sight. Always." He whispered softly to him.

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