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Welcome to the two new members!

Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
How and how often do you use Ice types in battle?

Unfortunately I don't use Ice types a lot due to the fact that most of them aren't all that great at battling. :( As for a dual Ice type, I would think an Ice/Fire typing would be helpful since Fire would cover most of Ice's weaknesses but then it would leave the pokemon vulnerable to Rock type attacks.
I feel the same way haha. It's really hard to get passionate about using you a Pokémon that you have no confidence in D: An Ice/Fire type would be very interesting, but what kind of designs could it possibly have? I tried thinking for ages about this and I came up with literally nothing haha. Perhaps implement an iceberg into a volcano? Maybe something like Regice with Camerupt's volcanic hump? o3o I dunno, but this is something I'd really like to see happen partly 'cos it'd be a great type combination to use, and partly 'cos I'm interested to see the design they'd use. x]