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Hey Everyone. Tajaros only has 7 more scripts to insert before he sends it back to me. Then, I'll put everything together & finalize it all. On that note however, we're still missing a title screen. I've tried countless times, Tajaros said he'll give it a shot but he's not too sure either. So I'm asking any viewers on the thread; If anyone will be available in the upcoming week(s) & knows how to insert a titlescreen, (It can be any design you desire, just as long as it's dark & has Arceus's sprite on it) please PM Me. Thank You!


At the moment, I won't be needing any new sprites. But as progress goes on, I will definetly need new design sprites for 6 of the 2nd region's gym leaders. I'll PM you soon or by next month, as I may want one of those gym leaders to make an appearance in an earlier role on Beta2.

@_ Everyone Else

Guys, there's no need to worry too much about Darugis Yet. I know we're making very quick progress, but you won't be seeing Darugis In-Game for a very long time. So MidnightShine has awhile to try coloring the arms black. We've been trying to find a Shiny Rayquaza 64x64 B/W sprite for him but we couldn't. That's what he needed. But since we couldn't find it, he stuck with the green arms. But I'm positive by the time we're up to Darugis, they'll be plenty of B/W Shiny Rayquaza sprites for him to choose from & edit it.