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Quote orignally posted by Nickalooose:
Sounds nterestng, but is dis already implemented or d-ya need someone ta make it?

I prefer HG/SS over all styles, so I would sez do dis, everythng blends better n mah opnion and overworlds is slightly harder ta make than tha older gens, due ta more detail, but you can deffnitly learn quicker than dong BW overworlds.

Anothar question though, you seem ta be very slow at dong tha maps n statng you only have a few, on yo website, unless you haven't been updatng that! But a few maps that already need re-dong is gong ta be very long and slow n progression rate, but if you're still learnng, good luck.

By battle style, d-ya mean how it's set out? How it works? Or just tha overlay of graphics and what have you?
Dawgly graphic's he is a graphic's homey so. And tha Website has been updated :/ Sadly thay do have ta be re-done showng that I be workng on dis when ever I git time. Mah pisnt's hold me back from workng on it late at night when I be dawgly on. And I just switched over from B/W ta HG/SS and be redong map's right now. I be gong ta redo tha character's after that. Event's will stay tha sbee until all of that is done.
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