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I work at Sainsbury's, too. Working on self-serve >>>>> working on tills. I just hate talking to random people. Also, I just like being able to walk around rather than being stuck in a little cage for hours :P I feel like I can be more helpful to customers since I can find products/offers myself, rather than calling supervisors because we aren't allowed off tills.

I've had those odd people who seriously bulk-stock up on the most random things. I've had one guy spend about £30 only on Galaxy Ripples, someone buying 10 bottles of 2L Coca Cola, 20 packets of Sainsbury's basics noodles (mostly by students...), a couple buying 50 single bottles of beer, someone buying soley 20 loaves of bread, an amusing groups of students who bought £100 worth of alcohol. The people that scare me though are the posh old people that spend about £200/£300 on purely wine, bread rolls and burgers. It's obvious they're having a party and are well-off, but seriously. Seriously.