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Name: Malik Daniel

Age: 24

Date of Birth: Jul. 17

Gender: Male

Hometown Iccirus City, Unova

Reason for Entering: Malik entered the tournament through word of mouth, and hearing about the prize money decided to join in.


Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair: Black, Buzz Cut w/ Waves

Minority: Black; African American

Height: 5"7’

Weight: 147 IBS.

Clothing: Malik wears a Yellow T-shirt with a black dragon design covering most of the left side and going up towards the neck. He wears dark black jeans and white sneakers. On his back is a black Trainer bag that swings over his left shoulder and rides the length of his body to his right side. The zippers are yellow and the fabric inside each pocket and every fold-out inside are the same color (yellow).

History: Malik was raised in Iccirus City in Unova. To this day he never understood why. He hates the cold, and from what he grew to understand, so did his parents. While they lived in Saffron, his mother and father worked in two unimportant firms at the Silph. Co building. Their hours never conflicted with spending time with their son, seeing as he'd be in school or walking home by the time he'd got there. But there were days that Malik would be home before them, sometimes for at least 30 minutes or even up to two hours on the longer work days. His mother didn't want him at home that long by himself, so by pulling a few strings, and talking to the city's local Gym Leader, Malik's 7th birthday present was specifically from Blackthorn City's Clair herself, a baby Dratini. They lived in Saffron for a few more years after that, until a promotion to a location far off in Unova showed a new opportunity for money to arise.

The move to Iccirus City was long, mostly because they weren't originally from Unova to begin with. The move came around his 10th birthday and by then, Dratini, now named Serena, had evolved into his graceful and powerful Dragonair. His mother and father quickly began work and Malik was back to how it was before. Leave school, come home and do any homework he could do on his own until his parents came back, then play around with Dratini until he decided to crash for the night. The only difference is that now he had to do it all in unbearably cold weather.

Living in Iccirus was difficult. No, it wasn't hard to meet people seeing as it was very lively and always so festive. And it definitely wasn't because the City was boring. I mean they lived in the same city as an official Gym Leader. In fact, he lived across the STREET from him. All these things were amazing. The ambiance, the friendly and lively people, the view of an ancient tower right overhead. Yeah, it would've been the life ... if it wasn't so COLD!

Malik could never get over it, not even during school when they kept the classrooms at just the right temperature (and Arceus forbid that thing ever broke and the class was left to freeze in the cold)...

However, when Malik actually decided to deal with it and try to ignore it, he met what soon became to be his best friend, Glace. Glace showed Malik around the city until he'd gotten used to his surroundings. He even helped him capture another member of his team, Freezeblink the Beartic. Once he'd become old enough to work, Glace helped his friend get a job at a nearby motorcycle repair shop. The job payed excellently and helped him afford alot of the things he never could, including nice clothes for the weather, and even a fancy high-tech heater for the house. Now things were going great and his Pokemon team was powerful enough, but he still felt a little empty about it all.

It was then that loss became gain. His boss at the repair shop sadly passed away, leaving behind the shop to a very capable Malik and Glace. But he also left behind a Pokemon, a very quiet Pawniard, who helped out with most of the auto-repairs. Glace wasn't really into the whole battling thing, and didn't argue the fact that Malik was the best candidate to take care of the now lonely Pokemon, so he took it upon himself to name him and train him into a stronger and much more reliable Bisharp.

Sadly, the shop began running down, and the workers faced many paycuts and layoffs. Glace and Malik did what he could to bring in more money, but even doing more shifts and asking his parents for financial help didn't seem to be enough. They hated to admit it, but it was becoming clear thay after about another year, or even sooner, they would have to close up shop for good. The last thing they wanted to do us ask for more money or doing more workloads than they could handle, but what else could they do?

Hearing about the Pokemon tournament came from Malik's bestfriend actually. One day while Glace came down with a cold, and Malik offered to cover his shift, he came across a televised commercial for the event and immediately told Malik about it. Malik already had a pretty decent Pokemon team along with him, so Glace thought it'd be a great idea. 5000000 bucks. Seemed like a ridiculously ironic amount of money for such a random event, but Malik didn't contest whatever force brought this their way. With that amount of determination, Malik gathered up his 3 strongest Pokemon, and set off for the island that the tournament was to be held on.

•Name- Freezeblink
-Species: Shiny Beartic
Nature/ Docile Nature (Likes to thrash about)
~Hammer Arm
~Ice Fang
~Frost Breath


•Name- Serena
-Species: Dragonair
*Gender* Female
Nature/ Modest Nature (Proud of her Power)
~Draco Meteor


•Name- Serrate
-Species: Bisharp
*Gender* Male
Nature/ Adamant Nature (Somewhat vain)
~Metal Claw
~Hyper Beam


Alright, here it is. If there's anything wrong with it let me know and I'll change it as soon as possible.
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