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Danielle Accola - Academy Cafeteria

“Oh, no. He's just...protective.” Lucia replied after she took a bite of her food. "It's a long story. And very boring I might add. You wouldn't like to hear it."

"Aw I don't mind a long story seeing how it concerns Snypes well being around Roberto. You can tell us." Mark said, not minding how long the story would be.

“Yeah, I wouldn't mind either. And besides, it can get us...especially Mark, to know Roberto better. Cafeteria's A-la-Carte's serving popcorn tonight so we have food as well.” Danielle made a silly face as she mentioned the Popcorn at the stand. She turned to Mark, who was continuing to eat his food next to Snype.

Snype, however, was pretty concerned about Roberto's seriousness. Ozzy, who was still with Able and Tyro, moved up and sat next to Snype, and greeted. Danielle did notice that his sense of carefulness. That made Danielle smile on the inside. Either Ozzy had that ability, or he probably got it from Danielle due to her loyalty.

“So glad to the fact Tms are now reusable. I can wait til you're done eating, Mark.”

Megan Sandoval - Academy Entrance, Grounds

Exiting the beach and now walking by the Academy, Megan had to powerwalk... trying to catch up to Bree and Avan. The pathway was lit up, so it was easy for Megan to see where her two Pokemon were going. Mimi yawned loudly as she walked right behind Megan. She turned around and faced her. “You're tired already?”

“Megaaaa...” Mimi yawned again.

Megan takes out Mimi's Pokeball and takes her inside. “Alright, you had a wonderful day, by the way. Good night.” She then turned around and sees Avan and Bree running up to her as well. “Avan, I think you also need your rest as well.”

“Shell-met!?” The Shelmet wasn't pleased. He then decides to squirm inside the Academy. Unlucky enough, the gates were still open. Megan, Leah, and Bree ran inside to chase Avan. As she ran. Megan took out Avan's Pokeball, and the red laser successfully hits Avan, returning him to his ball. Megan and her two Pokemon stopped running as she stored Avan's ball inside her bag.

“I seriously need to train this dude.” she commented.

“Leava.” Leah nodded in agreement.

Megan didn't have plans to enter the academy this late. There's probably classes still in session, maybe students are doing their late battles before they go back into their dorms. Megan took a look around the campus in a 360* direction. While doing so, she spotted a brown haired boy and has an Entei Dorm jacket, presumibly an Enteier. He looked pretty old to be a student, in Megan's opinion. He approached to her with a smile, as Megan turned to him.

"I'm Jake, and I was just wondering because I'm new and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do." he started.

“Hello Jake!” Megan smiled and greeted. “You got your jacket, so that's one thing. What is it that you need to know about? I can... try to help you out.” Bree became a bit shy and trots behind Megan. Leah stood there numb, listening to the boy. “Have you asked the main office for help? I just saw you coming out of there.”
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